Libyan Presidency 2019• In accordance with the Declaration of Intent signed in Paris on 21 December 2004 by the Ministers of Defense of Member States (Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania,Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia).• As well as the ratification of the joint ministerial statement during their fourteenth meeting held on December 12, 2018 in Rome.• The State of Libya will assume the rotating presidency of the 5 + 5 initiative in 2019. Within the framework of the implementation of the 2019 multilateral plan of action, Libya will establish 10 activities and participate in 43 activities.• It is worth mentioning the development of the volume and quality of its activities, which reached (53) activities in its fifteenth year and during the Libyan presidency 2019.• Co-ordinate and co-operate in the promotion of applied activities in the four main areas of the Initiative (maritime surveillance, air security, contribution to armed forces in civilprotection in case of major natural disasters, training and research).• The initiative has entered into new axes, including cyber defense, green defense, unmanned aerial vehicles, and security releases of climate variables. ​​​

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Since January 1, 2017, France took, for one year, the rotating Presidency of the "5 + 5 defence" Initiative, which brings together five States from the South Shore  of the Mediterranean (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia) and five States of the North Shore (France, Italy Malta, Portugal and Spain). France succeeds to Algeria.

Under the French Presidency, the 2017 action plan includes 38 activities. Ten activities are planned in France by 2017, including:

- The Meeting of the Ministers of Defence (December 2017);

- Two meetings of the Steering Committee (March and November 2017);

- The Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff Meeting (October 2017);

- The Organization of the naval exercise SEABORDER in partnership with Morocco and Portugal. This exercise is organized once a year since 2008. It allows the naval forces of the North and South of the Mediterranean shores to gain more experience in the field of maritime safety as well as to develop interoperability;

- The management of the CEMRES research , structure which leads the annual research work of The 5+5 Defence Initiative. This year, the theme of the research will be: "Security issues related to climate change in space 5 + 5: implications for defence policy?"

- The 5+5 Defence College Educational Meeting (October 2017), France serving as the permanent secretariat of this Committee;

Furthermore, several high-level meetings abroad in 2017, as:

- The Navy Chiefs of staff Meeting, in Algeria (April 2017);

- The Air Force Chiefs of Staff Meeting, in Spain (October 2017);

- The Defence General Inspectors , in Tunisia (second semester 2017).


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