Maritime Surveillance


Maritime Surveillance aims at protecting the interests of States at sea by tackling challenges as well as threats covering a range of issues from sear and rescue to resources plundering, smuggling, illegal immigration, piracy and terrorism.

By associating their efforts through close cooperation, the ten countries of the 5+5 Defence Initiative aim to improve their effectiveness in keeping the Mediterranean Sea a safe and secure area of exchange.

Within the 5+5 Defence Initiative maritime surveillance area of cooperation, undergoing projects encompasses the areas of data sharing, as well as the development of common capabilities in the area of search and rescue and combat of environmental pollution.

Air Security


Air security aims to prevent illicit actions to happen in the sky, from violation of national air space, hijackings, to terrorist attacks.

Armed Forces Contribution to Civil Protection


Armed Forces support to civilian protection services and forces aims at fulfilling the lack of the required level capabilities to undergo their task in case of major catastrophe, ranging from a terrorist attack to natural disasters.


The Armed contribution to civilian protection provides the possibility of an urgent action by putting at their disposal, on a short notice, available resources which are unreasonable or prohibitive expensive to expect the civil protection to develop. Opening that support to international cooperation, within the 5+5 Defence Initiative, increases the opportunities for each country to have a greater support, both national and international in case of need. This allows to strengthen the solidarity between the ten members of the 5+5 Defence Initiative, and to provide an efficient response in case of major catastrophes in each of our countries.

Education & Research


Education and research activities aim to develop a common knowledge on security and defence issues in the Western Mediterranean, through collective thinking and sharing of expertise and experience.

Through the exchange of experiences and knowledge, experts and researchers highlight the causes of insecurity and the key issues and strategic challenges of the Western Mediterranean Region.

These activities also allow a closer contact and knowledge between the member states, and therefore strengthen the bonds of trust, solidarity and friendship between all countries.